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Ruby + Cocao Theobroma Lumbar Pillow

Beautiful custom pillow by Big Sky Shop + Studio featuring Newton Paisley's fabric, Theobroma + an invisible zipper at the base for easy care! 

This chocolate-lovers design was created as a collaboration with iconic American kitchen and food brand Williams Sonoma. My goal for this collaboration with Williams Sonoma was to depict the complex web of life surrounding the crop that gives us chocolate, Theobroma cacao

The design celebrates the Cocoa & Forests Initiative which is all about this approach: agroforestry, environmental stewardship and the prevention of deforestation.

The many details in this design together signify the web of life in which cacao can thrive. From the pods and tiny flowers themselves to the delicately-patterned red cracker butterfly flits in a shaft of sunlight, observed by its main predator, a small but fierce bird called the rufous-tailed jacamar.

Fabric: 100% Linen Theobroma, Ruby on Cacao
Insert: 95% Feather / 5% Down

Width: 22.00"
Height: 14.00"

Shipping: In-Store Pickup
*Please Note: As a local, small business, we ship on a case-by-case basis for smaller items such as this, and shipping costs are quoted per request. If you are interested in getting this item shipped to you, please give us a call at 910-793-3995 for an estimate.

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