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Oxblood Madidi Hummingbirds Pillow

Beautiful custom pillow by Big Sky Shop + Studio featuring Newton Paisley's fabric, Madidi Hummingbirds + an invisible zipper at the base for easy care! 

The Madidi Hummingbirds design is a tribute to the incredible diversity of Andean hummingbirds, of which there are 140 different species. This design features Andean Hillstars, Great Sapphirewings, and Giant Hummingbirds. These super-heroic little birds can fly at speeds which, relative to body length, are greater than any other vertebrate, with wing-speeds of over 80 beats per second. They also serve as specific pollinators for many flowers such as those in the Puya genus. The bases of these bromeliads are important bear foods and many have beautiful turquoise flowers. They also have natural antifreeze and some of the longest flower spikes in the world such as Puya raymondi, known as Queen of the Andes, the spherical plant bases and spikes depicted in this design. This plant grows to 15m (50ft) tall with 30,000 individual flowers when it blooms, which is once every one hundred years!

Fabric: 100% Linen Madidi Hummingbirds, Oxblood
Insert: 95% Feather / 5% Down

Width: 22.00"
Height: 22.00"

Shipping: In-Store Pickup
*Please Note: As a local, small business, we ship on a case-by-case basis for smaller items such as this, and shipping costs are quoted per request. If you are interested in getting this item shipped to you, please give us a call at 910-793-3995 for an estimate.

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