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Jungle Gecko

Did you know that a gecko can hang upside down from the ceiling and that it calls out its name? That makes it the best and sweetest roommate you could wish for. With this jungle animal on your wall, a jungle book filled with fantastic tales will unfold for you.

Materials: Recycled Cardboard, Vegetable Inks
Details: 2 x A4 sheet with 7 pieces to pop out and assemble a 3D object
Instructions: Assembly instructions can be found on the inside of the packaging.

Width: 9.84"
Depth: 2.75"
Height: 10.63"

Shipping: In-Store Pickup
*Please Note: As a local, small business, we ship on a case-by-case basis for smaller items such as this, and shipping costs are quoted per request. If you are interested in getting this item shipped to you, please give us a call at 910-793-3995 for an estimate.

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