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Danish Taper Candles in Various Colors

These danish tapers candles are produced in Denmark and carry on the long tradition of the original candle shape made and admired since ancient times. They are dipped by hand, producing the finest taper candles which are made to burn smokeless, scentless, dripless and with a very elegant flame in still air. During the dipping process the wick is repeatedly dipped into a bath of hot colored wax. Each time more wax is accumulated until the candle has reached the required thickness. This dipping process creates the exquisite finish of the solid-colored taper making it a classic candle for any occasion.

10" Taper Burn Time: ~ 9 Hours
12" Taper Burn Time: ~ 12 Hours

10" Tapers Available: Honey, Blue Grey, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Dark Pink, Flax, Navy Blue, Nougat, Off White, Pastel Teal, Wedgewood Blue, White

12" Tapers Available: Honey, Light Heather, Olive, Pastel Teal, Pine, Wedgewood Blue

Shipping: In-Store Pickup
*Please Note: As a local, small business, we ship on a case-by-case basis for smaller items such as this, and shipping costs are quoted per request. If you are interested in getting this item shipped to you, please give us a call at 910-793-3995 for an estimate.

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