Clear Water Custom Rug

Clear Water Custom Rug

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Julie Dasher Rugs uses the best wool in the world.  Our Nepalese rugs are made with Tibetan wool from Himalayan sheep. Tibetan wool is considered to be the finest wool in the world due to its texture, strength, luster, and stain-resistant properties. Our hand-knotted rugs last for generations. 

Wool is a sustainable fiber as it is a naturally renewable resource that is harvested every other year from the sheep. At the end of its life cycle, wool biodegrades into nutrients that improve soil fertility. The natural properties of wool in a rug can even improve indoor air quality. Our dyes are 100% eco-friendly Swiss Ceiba.

Julie Dasher Rugs works with women weavers and purchases their rugs directly from them, eliminating brokers in the supply chain. 

  • Hand-knotted in Nepal
  • 100 knots
  • 100% wool

8' x 10'